Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where's there tea, there's hope

As I raise my heavy tent in the cold morning air at our local farmer's market I look at my neighbors... the bee guys, the pizza guys, the apron lady... I watch how we all set up our displays with such precise care.  This market is so much more to us than a Saturday stroll with the kids or an outdoor grocery trip.  This market is our livelyhood.  This market is where we put our labors of love in baskets and crates in hopes that each of the market goers will choose to visit us during thier morning outing. 
As I pour hot water over a bag of loose gunpowder green tea and mint leaves, I notice the apron lady flirting with one of the divorced bee men.  I think of the quote by Henry Fielding, "Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea".  I wonder quietly to myself, what scandals are hidden within my market.  Gossip at a farmer's market is always nearby and I can't help but be curious as to what's the morning's tittle-tattle.  I sip my tea, waiting for the early birds to start arriving, wanting to smell all my new blends that I have brought with me for the day.  I wait  for the familiar faces to round the corner and walk straight to me.  We all have our regulars, and I love mine.  They are sweet old ladies, flirty old men, young couples with dreadlocks and tatoos. They are all different, but still the same.  They all have one thing in common.  They love tea....and better yet, they love my tea.  As the day begins, I pray to the farmer's market God to bring me sunny skies and lots of local shoppers.  I truely believe in the words of Arthur Pinero, "Where's there tea, there's hope".  I look at all my loose leaf tea blends spread beautifully accross the tables under my heavy, heavy tent and feel very hopeful for a day of community, properity and lots of tea!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Rainy Day

I look outside my window and I all I see is rain.  Everything is wet.  While I walk across my lawn, I hear the earth squish beneath my feet.  It's like walking on a sponge and with each step I am wringing out my lawn.  Even though I am used to dreary northwest weather, I do cherish the fact that it is perfect for tea drinking.  I have the kettle on the stove and wait impatiently for the whistle to scream at me.  My Early Grey Cream lays vulnerable within the infuser, soon to be drowned in my boiling water.  The black leaves with lavender and mallow will give themselves to the water, so that I might warm my soul with their wondrous flavors.  After the water is poured and the timer is set, I pace the kitchen giddy with anticipation.  I have longed for this moment all day and now it is just moments away.  I finally pour my tea and sit in my favorite chair by the window.  I inhale the flavors of bergamot and take that first sip.  I feel the warmth spread into my tummy.  I feel home.  I look outside the window and now the rain is not quite so depressing.  I see it glisten in the puddles.  I see it drip from the beautiful gold and amber leaves.  I see children playing hide and seek with the drops that fall from the edge of their ladybug umbrellas.  Tea has made the world beautiful to me today.